Best Shoes for Zumba: 2018 Buyer’s Guide

best zumba shoes

It is important to remember Zumba involves strenuous exercise, and if you don’t use the best Zumba shoes for your level of expertise and to meet any physical problems you might have, then you could end up with sore and aching feet.

Zumba® was first developed in the 1990s and combines dancing with fitness. It is used as a method of weight loss, is ideal for keeping fit, and because it offers plenty of fun, it encourages participants to keep coming back for more.

Zumba shoes from leading brands are designed to cushion and support the feet, offer improved posture, and ensure that you can concentrate your efforts on getting fit, rather than trying to avoid aches and pain.

Our Top 10 Zumba Shoes – Comparison Chart

If you are attending your first Zumba class, then you can get away with wearing gym shoes, trainers, or running shoes. However, if you are serious about the classes, then you will need to start looking into the ideal footwear.

Below, we have listed the 10 best pairs of Zumba shoes, including those that are ideal for beginners, Zumba sneakers that are suitable for people with shin splints or flat feet, and those that offer the greatest levels of support for your feet.

We regularly update the list so, right now, you will find the best Zumba shoes for 2017 and including some of the latest sneakers from the biggest names in sports, fitness, and dance.

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Zumba Shoes Reviews

Remember that there is no single solution to finding the best Zumba shoes. Consider your experience level, budget, and whether you have any specific physical complaints in order to find the best shoe for you.

1. Ryka Influence

A picture of the Ryka Influence shoeAvailable in a great selection of colourful designs, Ryka Influence cross training shoes are packed with features to enhance comfort, support, and flexibility, making them one of the best Zumba trainers on the market.

The padded tongue and collar prevent the shoes from rubbing, even during long training sessions, while the Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse layers provide additional support for the feet and ankles. The insole uses Precise-Return technology, which means that they cushion on impact and return to their original moulded design. This means that you get the cushioning that you need every time you take a step.

Ryka is one of the most widely known and highly trusted manufacturers of Zumba shoes, so you can buy with total peace of mind that you really are getting your money’s worth and a great shoe.

Suitable for those who:
Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse provide support for the feet.
A great range of colours and designs to choose from.
Ryka is a respected and trusted brand.

Not suitable for:
Good all round sneakers.

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2. Zumba Women’s Fly Print Dance Shoe

A picture of the Zumba Fly Print shoeThe Zumba Fly Print dance shoes has been designed specifically for use in Zumba classes.

These shoes are extremely lightweight, they utilise breathable mesh and they also have a compressed EVA midsole that further ensures that the shoes are incredibly light while offering excellent support.

The soles of the shoe have been designed so that they enable the wearer to perform any Zumba move without the fear of slipping or falling, which means that you can wear them with total confidence and knowing that you are safe to step, stride, and strut to the music.

Suitable for those who:
Extremely lightweight shoes
Designed specifically for use during Zumba classes

Not suitable for:
Good all round sneakers

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3. Zumba Impact Max Dance Shoe

A picture of the Zumba Impact Max shoeEverything about the Impact Max Dance Shoe has been created specifically for use in dance classes.

The grip isn’t sticky, allowing you to slide when needed, but won’t leave you feeling like you’re about to lose your footing.

The Z-compress energy return system acts as an additional layer of cushioning; retracting in impact and returning to its original form.

The Z-brace system works to efficiently hold the foot in place, which means less rubbing and less chance of developing blisters and calluses. And the Z-slide system is what enables you to slide on hard dance floors without losing your footing.

All in all, these are among the best Zumba shoes for the money.

Suitable for those who:
Multiple innovations providing support and comfort.
Good looking design.

Not suitable for:
Good all round sneakers.

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4. Nike Flex

Nike Zumba ShoesBreathable mesh and the midsole overlay of the Nike Flex trainers makes them incredibly lightweight, and an ideal option for use Zumba trainers. The shoe fits snugly around the foot, which means that you will be comfortable right the way through your Zumba class. The flex groove carbon runner outsole is best suited to use on carpeted floors, and the shoes are a reasonable size to ensure that you can comfortably fit your feet in.

There’s a good selection of colours to choose from, and Nike is such a highly respected name in the production of trainers that it is little surprise that these shoes feature among the top 10 Zumba shoes.

The additional room in the shoe means that Nike Flex are good for those with wide feet, but they are comfortable for anybody that choose to buy them.

Suitable for those who:
Ideal for those with high arches.
Some of the cheapest Zumba shoes on the market.

Not suitable for:
Not the best all-round performers, although definitely worth the budget price tag.

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5. Asics Sana 2 Fitness Shoe

A picture of the Asics Sana 2 shoeThe Women’s Sana 2 Fitness are comfortable and cushioned shoes.

They have a Gel cushioning system at the rear of the foot, which naturally shapes around the foot on impact, minimising potential damage, and then returns to its original state so that you are ready to move on to the next step.

The mono-sock tongue system has elastic bands that help contour the shoe precisely to the shape of the foot, which means there is no risk of rubbing or wearing against the feet.

The gel cushioning means that these are among the best Zumba shoes for shin splints because of the minimal impact damage caused during rigorous Zumba moves.

Suitable for those who:
Mono-Sock system ensures a snug fit and minimises rubbing.
Gel cushioning minimises potential impact pain.

Not suitable for:
Not the cheapest Zumba shoes available.

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6. Ryka Tenacity Cross Trainer

A picture of the Ryka Tenacity shoeIt is no mistake that Ryka feature so often in this list – they specialise in the manufacture of high quality, comfortable, specialised sneakers for women.

The Tenacity Cross Trainer sneakers are designed for high impact use, which makes them ideal for Zumba fitness classes.

The addition of a Velcro strap over the top of the laces means that you can ensure a snug and tight fit, eliminating any rubbing that might occur.

The dual foam midsole gives exceptional cushioning for the feet, and the pivot design means that you can comfortably and securely move from one Zumba step to the next without the risk of slipping or injuring yourself.

The high top design may not be to everybody’s taste, but it does offer extra ankle support, and enables more of the foot to take the load, which makes these trainers among the best Zumba trainers for bad ankles.

Suitable for those who:
Extra ankle support from the high top design.
Tight fitting shoes that won’t rub and provide comfort even during long sessions.

Not suitable for:
The design won’t be to everybody’s tastes.

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7. Bloch Boost

A picture of the Bloch Boost ShoeBloch Boost sneakers are dance workout shoes. They have a split sole, which makes it easier to spin and turn, glide and slide, without placing additional strain on the knee or ankle.

While the design may not be to everybody’s tastes, these are shoes that are designed with a very specific purpose.

They are made from a combination of lightweight polyurethane and mesh with a suede upper and air cushion heel.

The split sole not only provides greater freedom of movement, which is essential for Zumba and other dance classes, but it helps to further reduce the weight.

There’s even built in arch support, which means that you can protect your feet without having to add extra support inside the shoe.

Suitable for those who:
Designed specifically for dance and fitness classes.
Built in arch support.

Not suitable for:
Split sole design won’t be suitable for everybody.

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8. Ryka Exertion

A picture of the Ryka Exertion shoeRyka has become one of the biggest and best known brands in Zumba footwear. They produce a varied range of Zumba shoes, and Ryka Exertion are just one such pair.

A traction pivot point makes sliding and launching yourself into the air easier, while additional cushioning around the tongue and upper section of the shoe means that these are some of the most comfortable Zumba shoes.

However, Ryka Exertion shoes are not the best Zumba shoes for women with wide feet, so if you need something with a wider fitting then check out our reviews of other shoes.

When it comes to design, you will struggle to find any range that offers the same of kind of selection; Ryka appreciates that looks really do matter, as well as comfort and support, so if you want to look good while leaping, dancing, and sweating your way through your next Zumba session, and you don’t have wide feet, these could be the perfect Zumba shoes.

Suitable for those who:
At 6.7 ounces these are some of the lightest Zumba shoes available.

Not suitable for:
More expensive than most alternatives.
Not ideal for wide feet.

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9. Puma Cell Riaze

A picture of the puma cell riaze shoeThe Puma name is synonymous with the manufacture and supply of high quality, hardwearing sportswear, and the Cell Riaze cross training shoe doesn’t disappoint.

They have excellent arch support, which means that they are suited to people with flat feet, but Riaze trainers are not considered the best option for women with wide feet, because they have a very narrow fit.

The trainers are well padded, and they feature Puma’s EcoOrthoLite sock liner as well as the EverTrack outsole.

These are predominantly cross training shoes, but they are also suitable for Zumba and other dance and dancercise classes, but the high price tag may put a lot off people off.

Suitable for those who:
Perfect Zumba shoes for flat feet.
Well padded for extra comfort and support.

Not suitable for:
Expensive price tag will put a lot of people off.
Not suited to women with wide feet.

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10. Capezio Rockit

A picture of the Capezio Rockit shoeCapezio Rockit Zumba trainers are among some of the best Zumba shoes for high arches.

The flexible material is ideally suited to use for Zumba and any dancing class, providing breathability while still offering a surprising level of support.

The soles are perfect for use on carpeted floors, and can even be worn at home without the danger of wearing down living room or bedroom carpets.

Affordably priced, the Capezio Rockit dance sneaker has been created for wearing over long periods of time, which means that you can dance for an hour or more without causing undue pain.

These are considered some of the best Zumba shoes for bad knees and ankles.

Suitable for those who:
Ideal for those with high arches.
Comfortable for long dance sessions.

Not suitable for:
Not suited to those with flat feet.
Styling is not to everybody’s taste.

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The Ultimate Zumba Shoes Buyer’s Guide

The Essential Zumba Shoes Buyer's Guide PosterZumba is high impact and adrenaline fuelled. It offers a perfect means of losing weight and getting a cardio workout because of its intensity, but it is the fun and excitement that brings women and men back to classes every week.

The high impact nature of the workout means that you need to wear appropriate footwear in order to avoid impact injuries such as shin splints, and it is also important that you have Zumba shoes that are a snug fit while being breathable.

Shoes that are too loose fitting will rub and wear against the foot, which causes blisters and rashes; breathable materials allow air to circulate around the feet, which not only helps keep them cool but can prevent further injuries and rashes too.

It is impossible to pick a single pair of shoes as being the best Zumba trainers, but the reviews above should you help you to find the perfect shoe for your specific requirements and for your next Zumba class.

What To Look For In Zumba Footwear

It is essential that your Zumba trainers are comfortable, not only when you first put them on but right until you take them off. Cheap shoes tend to lose their shape quickly, and this means that their comfort levels will drop significantly even after they have been worn just a few times.

You are going to be high kicking and constantly moving, spinning, and rotating while wearing these shoes, so if they aren’t comfortable you will feel the negative effects.

One of the reasons that many people walk away from Zumba is because they wear poor quality shoes and are left feeling uncomfortable. Swap your running shoes or tired old gym shoes for a pair of dedicated Zumba shoes and you will immediately start to feel the benefit.
A picture showcasing the padding of a Zumba shoeOne of the key ways in which Zumba trainers offer comfort is through the amount of padding that they offer.

Shoes with the greatest padding do tend to be the most comfortable, although this will also depend on factors such as the materials that are used, and it is also important to remember that the shoes need to be lightweight and flexible which prohibits the addition of too many layers of extra padding.
Clunky and heavy shoes will be a detriment to your Zumba effort. The heavier the shoe, the more effort it takes to lift your foot off the floor and while a few ounces may not sound like a lot, after an hour of intense exercise you will really start to notice that extra weight.

The best Zumba shoes combine mesh and lightweight materials in order to create trainers that are so light you will barely notice that you are wearing them. If you are struggling to pick your feet up towards the end of a session, then this could be a sign that your current trainers are too heavy, rather than poor fitness levels.
Zumba is an extremely high impact activity and it requires both horizontal and vertical movement. What’s more, you will be sliding and pivoting, and these types of action require freedom of movement in the foot, but they also necessitate the wearing of shoes that support these types of movement.

If you wear shoes with poor or no support, then you will start to feel pain in the ankles, knees, shins, and other areas of the leg and body. Look for the best Zumba shoes that offer additional support to protect yourself from impact injuries.

“Cross-trainers or dance sneakers with good arch support are recommended.”
Andrew Weil, M.D

Your feet will endure a thorough workout during a Zumba class, and your shoes need to be flexible in order that your feet can move around freely. Flexible Zumba shoes offer support while also providing a flexible fit that enables a full range of movement from your feet. Shoes that are too rigid prevent you from being able to pull off many of the moves and manoeuvres involved in Zumba workout classes.
Breathable Materials
A picture showing an example of breathable material on a zumba shoeZumba is incredibly hard work and you will sweat a lot during a single session. Your feet are one of the areas of the body that sweat the most and if you don’t have breathable Zumba footwear, then this can become a problem.

Sweaty feet are slippery, and if the sweat is allowed to form and collect, it can also lead to irritation and skin complaints.

Breathable material allows air to circulate freely around the foot, improving your comfort levels and ensuring that your shoes continue to fit snugly and tightly.
Grippy But Not Too Grippy
Another factor to consider when looking for the Zumba footwear is their grip. Consider whether you are dancing on carpet or a hard floor, and remember that you will be making lateral and sliding movements. If your shoes are too grippy, this won’t be possible and you may find that you are tripping over and your shoes are sticking to the floor.

However, you don’t want Zumba trainers that are too slippy, otherwise you will not be able to keep your feet and you will hit the floor.
Pivot Point
A picture showing the spin spot/pivot point on zumba sneakersThe pivot point is the point of the foot that touches the floor when you turn, spin, and perform other dance actions.

Good Zumba shoes have a defined pivot point, enabling you to spin and turn more easily and ensure that you use the appropriate point of the foot every time you spin.

“Women slip on any sneaker that they think will match their outfit and that’s not a good idea. I use dance shoes because they pivot really easily and there’s a lot of pivoting in Zumba.”
Dr. Orly Avitzur

Like the purchase of most items, budget does matter. None of us have unlimited funds, and few of us have the money to simply go out and buy the most expensive pair of trainers on the market. What’s more, this simply isn’t necessary.

There are some excellent quality, affordable Zumba shoes available for purchase, which means that you can enjoy good quality footwear without having to break the bank to pay for them.
While looks aren’t everything, they really do matter. Fortunately, some of the best Zumba footwear that we have reviewed come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colours, which means that you can choose Zumba shoes to match your mood, never mind your colour preference.

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate women’s zumba shoes and men’s. Generally the companies that have made them have gone through testing to understand what is best suited to both genders. Even so, there are companies that have found a happy medium for both sexes that look great and feel just as good that we also recommend on this website.

We Review the Leading Brands

The Zumba Fitness LogoThe Zumba brand obviously specialises in creating shoes that are designed specifically for use during Zumba class, although their sneakers are also suitable for any type of dance class or dancercise lesson. The shoes tend to be affordably priced, they offer a good combination of comfort and flexibility, and they are readily available. The brand may not be well known as the likes of Nike or Puma, and they may not have the dance pedigree of Ryka or Bloch, but they are a very good all-round option for those looking for some of the best shoes for Zumba.

A picture of the Ryka logoRyka has arguably become the biggest name in the manufacture of Zumba and dancercise shoes. The shoes offer an upper mesh that is breathable and lightweight, and they have highly cushioned arch support. It is this combination, and the quality of Ryka trainers, that have led to them becoming one of the most popular brands of Zumba shoes.

A picture of the Bloch logoBloch dance shoes are recognisable by their split sole design. This gives the dancer complete freedom of movement, reduces the weight of the shoes even further, and combines with mesh materials and spin spots that help maximise every but of effort that you put into your dancercise classes.

A picture of the Nike logoNike is one of the most highly respected names in the world of sportswear and sports manufacturing, and they manufacture great quality dance shoes as well. It is the attention to detail with Nike that really makes them popular. They use lightweight materials and offer arch support in their dance shoes, but they also create shoes that don’t mark the floor while still providing a pivot point that will improve dance moves.

A picture of the Puma logoPuma is another giant in the world of sportswear manufacture, and they feature in a lot of lists of the best Zumba trainers. They tend to be more affordable than Nike, but they also offer high quality and durability, combined with comfort and support for the feet and ankles.

Which Are The Best Zumba Shoes For Beginners?

If you’ve just got into the fast-paced world of Lating dance and exercise that is Zumba, then you may initially be surprised at the wide range of shoes and footwear that is available. You may never have heard of brands like Ryka, but they supply ssneakers that have been designed specifically for use in women, while manufacturers like Nike who you almost certainly have heard of, also make shoes for dancercise classes.

So, how do you choose the best pair of Zumba shoes if you are a beginner?

First and foremost, it is important to note that you should buy specific Zumba or dance shoes. A lot of beginners make the mistake of wearing running shoes or, worse still, fashion trainers. Running shoes are designed to enhance grip when running on a variety of surfaces, including in the wet, and this means that they have exceptional grip. This is great when running, but is not suited to activities like dancing, when your foot needs to slide on the floor without too much grip. If you wear running shoes for Zumba, you can very easily turn your ankle and cause yourself serious injury.

If you are just starting out, then you should look for a reasonably priced, budget pair of shoes. Zumba is a fun and adrenaline packed activity that can help you lose weight while being fun, but it isn’t for everybody. If you invest in hundreds in a pair of Zumba trainers, only to find that you don’t like it, then you are unlikely to find another use for these shoes.

All of the shoes we review above are suitable for Zumba classes, and there are some great budget options as well as more expensive alternatives. Choose the shoes that provide the best combination of comfort, breathability, support, and budget, and you will find yourself the best Zumba shoes for beginners. If you find that you are suffering from sore shins, or the arches of your feet are sore, then you can look for a specialist pair of trainers that better fit your specific needs at a later date.

Types Of Dance Shoes

There are many types of dance shoe and Zumba shoe available, and choosing the right type typically means finding the pair that best matches your foot shape or any foot feature that you have.

Solid Sole
The solid sole provides some of the best support for the arches of the feet, and as well as being popular with beginners, this type of shoe is also used by experienced dancers and those with flat feet.

A picture of a split sole shoeSplit Shoe
The split shoe is generally considered the preferred option for the more experienced dancer. There is no mid-sole in these shoes, and this means that they are best suited to people that already have strong feet. If you don’t have any dance experience, then you could find that split shoes are uncomfortable and could cause injuries. You should avoid this type of dance shoe until your feet are strong enough to be able to handle the pressure.

Mid Shoe
The mid shoe is arguably one of the best Zumba shoe options for beginners. They have a higher top, covering all of the ankle, and while offers greater support, it also reduces the flexibility of the shoe and restricts movement of the ankle. If you have foot or ankle problems, then this may be your best shoe option when taking up Zumba classes.

Low Shoe
While the mid shoe is considered ideal for beginners because of the extra support, the low shoe sits at the opposite end of the scale. The shoe only comes up to below the ankle, and this means that it offers much greater flexibility but at the cost of support. Only consider this type of dance shoe if you are an experienced dancer or you have very strong feet from other forms of dance and exercise.

Best Zumba Shoes For Bad Knees

Zumba takes its toll on the whole body, and not just the feet. It is energetic and fast-paced, and you will need to twist, turn and kick. If you have bad knees, then the game isn’t necessarily up. If you carefully buy Zumba shoes that are the right fit, that are cushioned, and that offer good support, then your bad knees won’t get any worse. In fact, exercise like Zumba can help strengthen the muscles around the area, taking the pressure off the affected joint.

  • Cushioning is vital. It acts like a form of suspension for your feet, so as you land on your foot, the cushioning takes the pressure of the impact. This means less jarring of the knees and less pain.
  • Choosing the right fit of shoes is also important. A trainer that fits will offers support to the foot, the ankle, and the rest of the leg, including the knee joint. A poorly fitted trainer leaves joints like the knee exposed to potential damage. As well as fit, consider the height of the shoe and whether you need additional support around the ankles.
  • Stability can be achieved by buying Zumba shoes with the proper grip. More grip is required for training on hardwood, while less grip means that your feet are less likely to become planted in a carpet floor.

The lightweight design, excellent grip, and cushioned soles make the Zumba Fly Print some of the best Zumba sneakers for bad knees.

Arch Support

The arch of the foot works like a shock absorber. Whenever your foot lands or is placed on the floor, the arch cushions the weight of the body, which means less pressure on the foot and lower joints. However, not everybody has what might be considered a normal arch. Some people have high arches, while others have flat feet.

Best Zumba Shoes For Flat Feet

Having flat feet means that you basically have no arches. The whole foot lands on the ground at the same time. If you have flat feet then you can still take part in Zumba, but you need to ensure that choose Zumba trainers that have a cushioned mid-sole in order to further protect this area of the foot.

The Puma Cell Riaze is a cross training shoe and it has excellent arch support which, when coupled with the high quality of Puma shoes, makes it our pick of the best Zumba shoes for flat feet.

Best Zumba Shoes For High Arches

High arches mean that there is a larger gap between the front and back of the foot, and this can lead to balance problems for people with high arches. Obviously, balance is important during a frenetic Zumba workout.  Buy split-sole shoes, and you can enjoy the level of support that you require to ensure that your feet stay comfortable even during an intensive Zumba workout.

Bloch Boost are designed and manufactured specifically for use when dancing. The split sole is perfect for those with high arches, and it also allows for greater control over the foot even during the most complex moves. The removal of the mid-sole means that these are lightweight shoes too.

Best Zumba Shoes For Wide Feet

Zumba shoes need to be comfortable and should be a good fit. Too loose and not only will the shoe rub, but it will cause you to be unstable during your dance workout. Shoes that are too tight, on the other hand, can badly damage the foot, especially if worn for long periods or too regularly. For dancers with wide feet, it means choosing shoes that have a wider fitting, but not all trainers and Zumba shoes advertise the width fitting.

At ShoeWow we recommend Nike Flex trainers for people with flat feet. Even though they weren’t designed specifically for Zumba or as fitness or dancing shoes, they offer excellent freedom of movement and are very comfortable, while also accommodating a wider foot.

Types of Flooring

There are basically two types of flooring that are most commonly used for Zumba – carpet and hardwood. Hardwood floors tend to be found in church halls and community centres, as well as dance studios, and some gym class rooms. If you practice at home then you will likely be dancing on carpeted floor.

These two surfaces are very different, which means that you will have different requirements from the trainers you buy dependent on the type of surface you normally dance on.

Zumba Shoes For Wearing On Carpet

Carpet is grippy, and if you wear trainers with too much additional grip then you will find that your foot plants or sticks in the ground. You will be prone to tripping up. A smoother sole, with less grip, will allow you to move around and perform the steps required.

The smooth soles of the Capezio Rockit make them the ideal choice for buyers that dance on carpeted floor. They are also good for people with high arches, and for those with bad shins or knees. An excellent all-round Zumba shoe.

Best Shoes For Zumba On A Wooden Floor

Zumba on a wooden floor poses very different problems. You need some grip, to prevent you from slipping around too easily, and you will also need additional support on the hard floor, compared to carpet or synthetic flooring.

Ryka is a well respected trainer brand, and a number of their shoes have featured in our list of best Zumba shoes. Ryka Tenacity trainers are not designed for Zumba, but are perfect for use on a wooden floor because they have good grip. The Velcro strap over the top of the shoes also ensures fit and support, and the pivot design offers even greater benefits for use on wood.


Zumba is a high intensity form of dance exercise. It provides a means of getting a cardio workout, while exercising and strengthening many of the most important muscles in the body. However, the intensity of the workout means that your feet, ankles, and legs will come under a lot of pressure, especially if you are just starting out. Rather than risking potentially serious injury by wearing running shoes, you should invest in a pair of dance shoes, Zumba shoes, or even cross fit shoes. These types of trainers have the support and flexibility that you need so that you can enjoy your new exercise classes without risking the health and support of your feet.

We have reviewed some of the best Zumba shoes on the market in order to provide you with details of those that are worthy of consideration. Whether you are a beginner, you have tried other forms of dance and dancercise before, or you are a seasoned Zumba professional, you need to take care of your feet, and by buying and wearing the shoes that are best suited to your feet and the type of exercise that you are about to embark on, you can ensure that you are free to enjoy your classes and get a workout without risking injuries and accidents.