Search No More! Comfortable Work Boots Are Now A Reality

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Did you know that stylish comfort shoes are becoming more popular? It’s great news for women everywhere, especially those who feel they always have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

When it comes to work boots, there’s also more emphasis on comfort. Of course, safety is still the number one priority. But it’s wonderful that we no longer have to choose one over the other.

Comfortable work boots are a thing. But getting the best one might be tricky with so many brands and price points to choose from. Don’t worry though as we’re here to give you some tips for picking the best pair for your specific needs.

No Break In Needed

Work boots are designed to be tough and durable. Unfortunately, that also makes some work boots uncomfortable to wear for the first few weeks. If you don’t mind breaking in your pair, great.

But if you want work boots that you can start wearing immediately, there are some great options. We recommend the Wolverine Men’s Raider, Chippewa Men’s Lace-Up, Timberland Pro Boot, and Timberland Titan Pro.

Breathe Easy

If your work requires you to stand all day in extremely hot areas, you need comfortable work boots that offer as much breathability as possible. Even if you have feet that don’t sweat a lot, you still need a pair that encourages healthy air flow.

This is to avoid foot problems like bad odor and infections. Plus, you don’t want to feel like your feet are suffocating when you’re already working outdoors, bearing the punishing heat. If you want work boots with high breathability, try the Keen Utility Atlanta Cool, Red Wing Men’s Heritage, and Thorogood American Heritage.

Say No to Cold Feet

When it’s hot out, you need breathable shoes. But when it’s too cold, you need well-insulated work boots. The pair you choose should also be waterproof.

One thing to note about insulated work boots is they’re not meant to be used for all seasons. They’re specifically designed for arctic environments. The more insulated your boots, the more uncomfortable they are to wear come the summer months.

You’ll want to buy a different pair if you’re looking for an all-arounder. As for boots with great insulation, the Danner Quarry GTX is a good buy.

Keep It Light

For protection, nothing beats work boots with steel toes. But steel-toed boots are clunky and uncomfortable even in normal weather conditions. If your job doesn’t require you to wear steel tip boots, you can definitely go for a lighter pair.

The comfort lightweight boots offer will help you if your job requires you to walk long distances or move about all day. You also need to think about weight if you prefer to carry your work boots to your place of work. Consider the boots from Red Wing Heritage Line if you don’t want to worry about carrying all that extra weight.

Know Your Toe Protection Options

When shopping for comfortable work boots, it helps to know what your options are in terms of toe protection. Boots with steel toes are a traditional choice as we’ve mentioned earlier. But they’re not always the best when it comes to comfort.

Your other options include composite toes, alloy toes, and soft toes. Compared to steel-toed work boots, composite protective caps are lighter. Looks-wise, they’re a bit bulky and are best used for occupations with electrical hazards.

Alloy toes, on the other hand, are thicker than steel toes. But pairs with this type of toe caps only weigh half as much. Last but not the least are soft toe boots, which may not offer maximum protection but are slip resistant and considered the most comfortable out of the four.

Consider Boot Construction

You may not think this is important if comfort level is your only concern. But knowing how a pair is constructed can help you choose a pair that’s perfect for your job and is a dream to use.

Construction affects the weight, performance, and flexibility of your chosen boots. It also determines how durable your work boots will be.

For example, work boots produced via cement construction are very flexible and lightweight. They easily mold to the wearer’s feet, which leads to higher levels of comfort.

The other method is Goodyear welt construction, which results in highly durable work boots. They cost more and there’s a break in period required. But over time, these can be your best pair and may even last a lifetime if you get them re-soled every now and then.

Try Them Out

The only way to know if you’ve chosen the best comfortable work boots is if they fit you right. This holds true no matter what type of footwear you’re shopping for – whether they’re basketball shoes, plantar fasciitis shoes or Zumba shoes.

Try different pairs and always get the right size. Make allowances for materials that may stretch over time (e.g. leather). Just make sure you don’t do this for steel-toed boots, as these will never stretch out regardless of how much you use them.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of work you do. Factor in the number of hours you have to walk, move about, or carry heavy objects. If you do a lot of the first two, then you’ll want to go for work boots that score high in mobility and are lightweight.

If you have to haul heavy objects, consider going for a pair with metatarsal guards. These cover a bigger part of your feet compared to safety toes. For railroad and lumber work, try to get a pair with ankle and calf support.

Looking for Comfortable Work Boots?

If you followed all of our tips above and still can’t find the best pair of work boots, leave a comment and we’ll make sure to get back to you.

If you already found the perfect pair and need a guide for other types of shoes, don’t forget to check out our other articles. We also offer tips on how to take care of your feet.